Show Your Overgrown Trees Some TLC

Hire us for tree trimming services in Poplar, Lake Nebagamon or Iron River, WI

Your trees play an important role in maintaining a beautiful and well-kept property. If your trees have become overgrown, your property can start to look disheveled. Create a lush and lively exterior with help from CS Tree Care. We provide professional tree trimming services in Poplar, Iron River, Lake Nebagamon, WI and surrounding areas.

Our tree care professionals have the experience and equipment to trim trees of all types and sizes. We work with bucket trucks and state-of-the-art trimmers to cut back branches at heights that are too dangerous for the average property owner.

Contact us now to arrange for top-notch tree trimming services. We'll be glad to give you a free estimate.

Top benefits of corrective tree pruning

Do you want your trees to look healthy and beautiful all year long? If so, it's vital to stay on top of corrective tree pruning in the Poplar & Iron River, WI area.

Getting corrective pruning services will...

  • Eliminate dead and dying branches from your trees
  • Increase airflow and reduce pest problems
  • Improve the structural integrity of your trees
  • Provide more nutrients to healthy branches

We'll take great care of your trees. Give us a call to schedule corrective pruning services.